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Ariel Gabay

"You, my friend, are a great soloist and a wonderful band mate" 




First and foremost, I cannot express to you how meaningful the past 3 days have been for Elliot and me.  We learned a great deal, (even if I occasionally forgot what happened to Jesus at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher), had some good laughs, and grew a much closer connection to Israel and Judaism.

This could not have happened if not for your genuine warmth, ability to inform, and even to entertain.  Your informal approach, musical chops, and sense of humor earned you enormous credibility with Elliot, who has never before given this much attention to such mature topics.  And for me, I also cannot imagine any better “packaging” by which to learn what I did, and to feel comfortable about spirituality. (Something that doesn’t happen when I hear it from very religious people).


Like you, I feel that the most rewarding experiences in life are about meaningful connections with people and creating a collaborative “rhythm”, like the improvisation of a jazz combo.  That is when magic happens.  And you, my friend, are a great soloist and a wonderful band mate.



Thank you and best regards,


Visiting Bedouin Village

"We truly enjoyed it and found a really good guide” 


Dear Ariel,


Thank you very much for 3 wonderful days in Israel, for good guiding and good company, it was great meeting again.  We truly enjoyed it and when we got back Marius said” Mom, you found a really good guide”.


Also Martin had a really good time in Israel and with you, that made me relax. Josephine does not speak much but was very grateful she came along.


Anyway, if you and your family ever come to Denmark you have a standing invitation to come and visit us. We also have a small place you can stay at.


All the best for now,


Morning prayer on Mount Arbel

"You were an incredible host and guide" 




We had an amazing trip and you are an amazing and awesome tour guide/ driver Ariel Gabay...


Just a small note of thanks and fond memories on our recent trip to Israel. Your country is spectacular and you were an incredible host and guide.



On Mount Tabor

"Best trip ever"


Shalom Ariel!

We made it back safely to the US after a VERY long 15 hours flying time! I posted a couple photos on Facebook – 2 great ones of you – it was the best trip ever!!! 


Missing Israel, you and Uri and all the delicious food we enjoyed.


Hope you have recovered from a week with the Kuklers – bring your family to Atlanta and we will try to take as good care of you as you did us!


All the best,


Church at Ein Kerem
"Your competence and patience were extraordinary" 


Dear Ariel,


Just a note to thank you so much for being my guide during my visit to Israel in June. Your competence and patience were extraordinary and I will always be grateful. 


I’ve finally found the time to write up my impressions of Israel and yesterday presented a slideshow of the trip to my church. I’ve attached a pdf of the essay I wrote. The slides have been uploaded to flicker at You are welcome to download any slides you might wish to use and to distribute or quote from the essay.


Best wishes to you and your family. Do let me know if you all ever make it to Kauai




Ariel Gabay

"We could not have had a more joyous and perfect trip" 

Dear Ariel,


We could not have had a more joyous and perfect trip. You made quite an impression on everyone and were much adored by the entire group.


We refuse to say it's the End until the plane takes off...


A simple thank you will never suffice. We are so very grateful.




Jordan river rafting

"This was one of our favorite lifetime trips" 


Dear Ariel


Since we have been home we are continually reflecting on our trip and sharing with our friends and family.   This was one of our favorite lifetime trips and we feel that it was because of you that we have these wonderful memories and a new appreciation, understanding and love for Israel.  Thank you for making this experience for us.  Any friends we have desiring to make the journey to Israel we will be delighted to send your way.


Shalom and always be safe,


Springtime in Israel
"Magnificent sights" 


Shalom Ariel

Thank you for a wonderful tour. We enjoyed your company and all the information that you gave us, as well as the magnificent sights and all the interesting and beautiful places where you guided us. It has been difficult to settle back into Melbourne. The weather is cold and miserable as it is winter here. 

Margot and I are filling in our travel diaries and enjoying reliving our holiday.
Please keep in touch. We are interested to how you are.

Stay safe and well


The ruins of Caesarea
"Exploring and learning about Israel" 


Dear Ariel,

I'll begin by say "thank you" for a wonderful trip exploring and learning about Israel. I was impressed each day by your knowledge about thousands of years of the land's history including archaeological history, religious history, history of occupations and battles, customs and so much more. You answered all of our question with much care and thought. I loved your easy-going manner, and your great sense of humor. You quickly learned our likes and dislikes and adjusted the schedule accordingly.

Your sense of adventure led to some fun and unexpected discoveries (i.e. the olive processing facility). Your ability to strike up a conversation and to talk with just about anyone made for many fun and light hearted moments and encounters. Thank you for teaching us so much about the Jewish homeland. Just as I've told many people about my fond memories of exploring a glacier in Alaska with Shannon, I know I will now also tell people about our wonderful experience of exploring Israel with you, Ariel.

I hope I will soon be able to replace my tears on our final day with you for a future smile that will come upon seeing and exploring Israel with you again.

Linda and Dick 

ATV Judean Hills
"Memories for a lifetime" 

Dear Ariel,

Thank you for an amazing four days of touring. It was an incredible experience for our family. It was a pleasure spending the last four days with you. Our family all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we created memories for a lifetime. It's no wonder people are so passionate about this country and its people.

I hope you and your family remain safe throughout this turmoil.

Hopefully, we'll see you in our next visit.

All our best,
The Hakim family


The Wall
"wonderful memories of Israel" 


Hi Ariel,

Well, we are back home into our normal routine with wonderful memories of Israel, The trip worked out fabulously most of which You can take credit. Everyone had so much fun, you related well with all the different ages and there were no complaints.That was Quite an accomplishment. We all felt you were so much part of our group, we consider you family.


Thank you for all that you did. We will certainly keep in touch.

Best regards to your family,

Donna and the whole clan

On the Lebanese border

"It was  truly amazing" 




Hope you and your family are well. Everyday I think of our adventure in Israel, it was truly amazing. I am almost finished with the video, it is about 2 hours long. I think I have spent at least 125 hours, first learning the program (Imovie), then organizing the 2500 pictures and 300 videos I took. You were the star. Please send me your address so I can send it to you.


Charlotte's Bat Mitzvah was last week and most of the conversation was reflecting on our trip. Charlotte was so touched by her visit to the Alyn Hospital that she is donating a portion of her gifts to the hospital.


Miss you,


Camel riding

"It truly was one of the highlights of our life" 


Dear Ariel,


Hope all is well with you and your family.  I have been meaning to send you some pictures from our trip for some time. 


It truly was one of the highlights of our life.  Things could not have been better and you certainly were a big reason for that. 


Look forward to seeing you agin some day in Erertz Yisrael (or New York).


Best regards


Meditation in the desert.

"Thank you for the unbelievable experience I had in Israel" 


Hello Ariel

How are you? I hope all is going well in Israel. It must be getting very hot there. I just wanted to say thank you once again for the unbelievable experience I had in Israel. Without your guidance's it would not have been the same. Please send my best regards to you and your family and keep us all posted on the new addition to the family.



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